Foggy Point Reyes from Chimney Rock


Sunrise is way too early in summer (the one and only reason why I don't like summers anymore). However, our tradition of chasing sunrises continues and we did wake up at 4 am last Sunday to catch the early light over Point Reyes shore. Well, the plan was to catch the early light, but the reality was... we bombed into the white wall of fog. So much for waking up far before sunrise, was my first thought, as always, the little rushed one.

Yes, we didn't wash our hearts in the earliest sunshine, but still it was splendid to see the morning coming up over those green hills hiding its glory under a white blanket. And I don't blame the morning for hiding although it was freezing. I wanted that foggy blanket to hide my face from the icy kisses of crazy wind. Instead, my man gave me his warm kiss and a hug as I sat in my cozy sweater he took ' just in case' (looking somewhat surprised at my t-shirt when we were heading out the door.) I don't know why, but I still can't get used to foggy and windy summers in Northern California. Nevertheless, Point Reyes was magnificent and breathtaking. The unexpected sweater helped a lot to appreciate the natural beauty. Even more, we were greeted by a gorgeous family of elks. These magnificent creatures were so close to us, I was completely mesmerized by this unexpected scene of wild nature. It gave me so much joy watching them in the field, enjoying their green breakfast.

Because the lighthouse area was totally fogged in, we found ourselves on the Chimney Rock trail. It's a short trail known for its winds and spectacular views of ocean, Drakes Bay and the coastline stretching to the southeast. They say this trail is one of the most popular trails in Point Reyes, especially among photographers or lovers of wildflowers, but that morning we were alone on the path fighting the wind. There is a bench at the end of the trail. We sat and listened to the silence for a little bit, trying to warm up each other with hugs and thinking about people just waking up, having their warm coffees in their warm jammies, maybe reading under the cover, cooking hot breakfasts. Idiots, I said. Losers, he said. We laughed. Even though there is nothing like freezing to death in the middle of gorgeous nowhere, the hot coffee was a sweet thought.

Before heading to Chimney Rock, we explored a little path that was to the Elephant Seal lookout. The thing is, when we parked and get out of the car, a creepy sound from the horror movie surrounded us. Imagine my surprise, when I understood it was a sound of seals mating. A sound and a view you really don't want to miss.


When I am around nature like in Point Reyes, I always remind myself that yes, my life is imperfect. Fortunately. I actually learn to love my imperfect life when I understand that this beautiful world is neither more nor less than an endless room for my imperfect life's growth. Every day I see something new that takes my breath away. Every day I find something new in the ordinary that surprises me and empowers my imagination. Every day new places I visit and strangers I watch on the streets influence the way my mind wanders.

I honestly feel sad for people with lives they aren't living in the places they aren't seeing because of blindly chasing the idea of perfection or worse, because they're reaching for what they think or were told the perfect life should be.

Never stop moving. Never stop learning. Never stop wandering. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Power to the winds!