California's Windmills Along The Diablo Range


It's stormy sky over the Altamont Pass Wind Farm located along the Diablo Range in Northern California. The intense noise on an early morning in the middle of the highway 580 blocks every other sound trying to break through from the seemingly endless hills. The very green hills this year thanks to the winter's rain. I am standing on the side of the highway. So noisy, I keep thinking to myself, but I keep staring into the distance at the white mechanized lightening bolts on the beautiful wild landscape. 

They say these modern windmills kill birds, but I am fascinated by the beauty of the machines in the scenery. These windmills are like an army of monsters taking over a gorgeous piece of land so we all can have clean energy. It's a goodness, right? Oh, humans are have been so wrong so many times.  

The windmills work hard. Huge blades cutting the air so fast, so many times in a minute. It sprinkles now and I try my best to not pay attention to annoying little drops, appreciating that this scene of windmills is what life is for so many humans who mistakenly think that life is as simple as just finding yourself in a beautiful and comfortable surrounding, that if you keep working hard that beautiful and safe surrounding will never disappear and you will be forever happy powered by the wind from far away lands. 

In a beautiful world, but all alone, I thought, and took my first photo. 

Here I possessed nothing in the world. I was no more than a mortal strayed between sand and stars, conscious of the single blessing of breathing. And yet I discovered myself filled with dreams.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery