Kauai: Quiet Adventure


The reason why I am always willing and happy to go back to Kauai, my favorite island of the Hawaiian archipelago, is that this rainy, truly Garden Island is where I honestly feel no need to keep running. It frees my mind and heart. It feels like home. It's quiet.  

It took me two days before I finally settled into the rhythm of the island. Around 6 am each day, just before first light, the Kauai wild roosters wake me up, I fill my cup with hot coffee made by my man a few minutes earlier and I sit on the secluded beach in front of our wooden house enjoying the sound of waves at sunrise. I love watching waves. It's great for meditating, for letting your mind going somewhere above the Earth. It was our first time having a house right on the beach where the sound of waves never stops. The only power that never rests on Kauai. 

Each evening, after the last light, I watched the moonlight sparkling on the water, thinking deeply about things and people and ideas. On the second day, just before the afternoon sun started to slowly move towards the mountains, I finished reading a book I brought with me, The Circle by Dave Eggers. It was a great reminder about the importance of disconnecting. My mind no longer was worried about anything at all. I was finally ready to see the beauty of my beloved Kauai and make photographs while being disconnected from the rest of the world. Only this island mattered and people, our family, with whom I shared this precious time of being simply together. 

This trip I wasn't interested in taking photos of pleasing landscapes or famous spots already photographed by others, no matter how beautiful. I was searching for a deeper connection with the island, the inner experience of being free and light among its green lush and blue waters. I am learning that to me, having such experience is the key to my artistic soul, and the main inspiration for my creation of visual stories though images and videos.  

Home is not where you are born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease.
— Naguib Mahfouz

Quick Tips

Where to stay: North Shore of Kauai (I love Hanalei). Avoid Princeville Area. 

What to do:


When people ask me what I recommend on doing on Kauai, I say what I would say for any other destination I have ever visited, just follow your heart, be surprised, be curious, be free. There are many fun and interesting activities you can find on Google, you can visit all the touristy attractions and have the most wonderful time (I did it, it's true), but if you want to know the island truly, don't forget about just being in the moment, in the now.


Video postcard:

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