Spring in Filoli Gardens


Warm and sunny weekends are back to San Francisco Bay Area, at least for a while and, so, Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California immediately popped up into mind last Saturday. There is no better place to spend a warm spring morning while enjoying this historic house and its many beautiful gardens. And, conveniently, a week earlier I came across a creative webinar on how to shoot flowers. So I couldn't wait to try some new tricks with Filoli's beautiful tulips and poppies. For a person who never was into flower photography I was very excited. The truth is, I always thought shooting flowers would be boring and there is no 'meaning' in pictures with flowers, so why bother?

Last Saturday in Filoli I was trying to find special flowers, the ones that would look different or unique. I was trying to find interesting curves in their elegant and perfect bodies, I was looking for interesting colors and textures. And it was really hard to do. Really hard to see. I was surprised. But I also was pleased to learn that poppies look best under the direct sun light, they glow. I was amazed by this discovery as usually I hate direct sun light and I never shoot anything in this light.

Frankly speaking, I am always struggling with the term - meaningful. There is so much drama in it. "Art without meaning is pointless", some people say and think, "art should have meaning to elevate our awareness of things, question everything, sharpen our appreciation for beauty, thought...". And yes, all this is true. Some of us who care start looking for that meaning in life, to explain everything we see or think. And then, when what was meaningful for us a year ago has no meaning to us now, we start looking for new meanings all over again. It's a circle. And it's when some of us start getting depressed about everything being so meaningless. That's why I can't disagree with Oscar Wild who says "All art is quite useless". Because Art is now. It just is. There is no any other purpose but being. Just like the cosmos. It's just there. Beautiful and full of stars.  

Art is not a refrigerator whose only purpose is to protect food. Art is philosophy. Visual philosophy. So don't look for meanings in my flowers photos, just enjoy the beauty of the extraordinary.

It’s all so meaningless, we may as well be extraordinary.
— Francis Bacon