San Francisco's Iconic Fog From Above


San Francisco genuinely is foggy and this is how I love this city most. However, to catch that truly beautiful iconic fog from above isn't so easy. You need both timing and luck. 

It is my tradition already to wake up early on Saturday or Sunday to experience sunrise somewhere in San Francisco Bay Area (well, if the weather allows... winter was so rainy this year.) Last Saturday I went to Golden Gate Bridge to shoot old walls of tunnels looking for abstract and/or found images. Imagine my surprise when I, finally, saw the fog I was waiting for so long to shoot. I couldn't believe my eyes! But there it was, that famous iconic fog rolling in from the Pacific and floating through Golden Gate Bridge into the bay, floating San Francisco and me up on the clouds. The fog was beautiful, magnificent, slightly touched with the golden kisses of sunrise. It was surreal. Stunning. Dreamy. Everything I wished for. 

How lucky it is that I got to experience the hitherto (for me) unseen reality I have been waiting for so long. Feeling free, in love, immersed in beauty and melancholy, my heart was floating away. Up. This what I call true magic.

Between ourselves and actual experience and the actual environment there now swells an ever-rising flood of images which come to us in every sort of medium—the camera and printing press, by motion picture and by television. A picture was once a rare sort of symbol, rare enough to call for attentive concentration. Now it is the actual experience that is rare, and the picture has become ubiquitous.
— Lewis Mumford