Pretty Morning at Dunes Beach, Half Moon Bay, California


I honestly can't believe we are just a few miles away from cinnamon flavors in our food or candles and roaring fireplaces. We are still feeling young here in Bay Area as our summer has just started! It won't last long but, oh my, I am so enjoying right now the trio of the clear, warm days, sunshine and ice-cream. Although the beaches are still mostly fogged in, this doesn't stop me from enjoying my morning walks along the shore. On one of those mornings we went to Dunes Beach, one of our 'go-to' beaches in Half Moon Bay when we don't want to drive too far. It's so beautiful there, so peaceful. I love watching the ocean and how it moves through the rocks. I love watching surfers waiting for the wave while their minds think a thousand different things. I really believe surfers truly know how to face life changes or new challenges. No matter what waves they are trying to surf, they are so excited about what they are doing, they always make it happen.