Winter's Sunrise on Top of Twin Peaks


What a gorgeous sunrise above San Francisco Bay we ran into last Sunday on top of Twin Peaks.

From the top of Twin Peaks, San Francisco still looks like a city of creative freedom and life celebration, which this city once was. Why was? The artist community now is being squeezed out by the tech generation of young people in flannel shirts, eyes stuck to the screens of their phones or laptops, who worry about their projects and have no time to live. In the last few years the city has transformed into a playground for the young and wealthy. It’s truly hard to make rent if you are not one of the tech species with big salaries.

Once the Bohemian capital of the West Coast, 'Fog City' is becoming reduced to the very wealthy and the homeless. It's painful to see that many non-tech people are moving to Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago or even New York. 

As for me, I still love San Francisco. My outlandishly creative soul still feels good here and I still can find romance, inspiration and creativity here. And until that is no longer true, I will never leave. Art can still save us all.