Sunrise in Capitola Village


It's no secret, I love sunrises a little bit more than sunsets. Yet I am still surprised how hard it is for me to wake up at 6 am during the work week and how easy it was to get up at 5 am last Saturday to go and see the sunrise in Capitola Village. It was a beautiful, warm, summer-style weekend. It was the last weekend of warm weather before autumn finally came in. 

I honestly don't know how I have never visited Capitola before. I've been so many times to Santa Cruz and never even suspected that just few minutes south there was this charming old beach town with a Mediterranean flavor. Well, now I know what a beautiful little spot by the ocean it is. I also have a thing for piers; each time I see a pier as old as Capitola's, I know immediately this is my kind of place.


Sunrise was beautiful. It was nice discovering this tiny, mellow town on the beach as it was being beautifully lit. First, before even a little piece if sun showed up in the sky, I saw seagulls hanging out on the empty beach and they were wonderful. They were quietly enjoying the sleepy town and seemed curious about me and my camera. Then, with the first golden ray of light, I noticed the beautiful shape of Monteray Bay on the horizon. Then the pier turned golden and I saw a row of charmingly colorful houses right on the sand. More people were showing up to enjoy the sun's show. The town was finally waking up and it was beautiful to watch this awakening through my lens.



Suddenly there was the smell of hot coffee mixed with the salty breeze from one of a bunch of interesting looking restaurants on the beach. All of them were still closed except Zelda's, a cute little place with a simple but delicious menu. For me, it was truly hard not to eat all the cinnamon laden french toast on my plate. My man graciously saved me from one of them. He always does.